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About Nordic Hydrogen Corridor

Enabling zero emission transport between the Nordic countries

Nordic Hydrogen Corridor is a study with pilot deployment for the introduction of eight new hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS), one hydrogen production unit and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) along the TEN-T core network in Sweden in the period 2017-2022, enabling zero emission transport between the capitals of the Nordic countries with fuel cell electric vehicles. The new Nordic HRS network will enable FCEVs to travel between the metropolitan areas from Norway, through Sweden to Denmark and Finland and further via Germany to other parts of Europe. An increased use of fuel cell electric vehicles has been pointed out by the European Commission as an important step to reach an emission free transport sector. By using hydrogen in conjunction with fuel cell technology one gets emission-free vehicles with clean water vapor as the only emission. The hydrogen will cause no greenhouse gas emissions since it will be produced from renewable energy in Scandinavia.


8 Hydrogen fuel stations

Fuel cell electric vehicles

Clean Hydrogen production



Hydrogen Sweden (project coordinator), Pawel Seremak, +46 0708 206417, pawel.seremak@vatgas.se
Statkraft Sweden AB, Eric Mazzocchi, +47 976 10 296, eric.mazzocchi@statkraft.com
Everfuel, Lars Jakobsen, +45 2972 3933, lj@everfuel.com
Hyundai, Bengt Larsson, +46 73 086 52 87, bengla@hyundai.se

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