The Nordic countries are frontrunners when it comes to utilizing renewable energy. Many of the Nordic countries have already developed a dedicated hydrogen strategy as part of the green transition. This article gives you an overview of the several national strategies and where to find them.

The Nordic countries are known for their innovative ways of harnessing the abundance of renewable energy that can be found in our region, such as wind, solar and hydropower. Therefore, it feels only natural that the Nordic countries also aspire to take on a leading position in the development of green hydrogen technologies, such as production of green hydrogen with renewable energy via the process of electrolysis and Power-to-X technologies, and its application in industry and mobility sectors.

At the Nordic Hydrogen Partnership we work to promote hydrogen solutions in the transport sector across the entire Nordics. It is important for our work to have an overview of the national hydrogen strategies and roadmaps of in our respective countries, so we know where the hydrogen industry stands and which steps we might take to promote the use of hydrogen even more.

We have gathered the different Nordic strategies here, so you also can have an overview.

Nordic national hydrogen strategies


Norway’s strategy was released June 3rd, 2020. It focuses primarily on the state of the art and the potentials of hydrogen technology in Norway. In November 2020, the Norwegian government committed itself to investing 100 million NOK in hydrogen. Presently, the Norwegian Government is preparing a roadmap for hydrogen, that will be announced during Spring 2021.

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Sweden will publish its national hydrogen strategy on January 21st.

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Finland has released a hydrogen roadmap, which analyzes Finland’s strengths and potentials in the hydrogen field.

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Iceland has no national hydrogen strategy. The Icelandic national hydrogen organization, Icelandic New Energy, has published its own hydrogen strategy, A 2030 vision for H2 in Iceland, with a strong focus on hydrogen in transport.

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Denmark is committed to releasing its hydrogen strategy by the end of 2021 the latest. National hydrogen organization, Hydrogen Denmark, has in the meantime published its own hydrogen strategy, which is meant to inspire the Danish national strategy.

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