Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Network Conference

Thank you, all participants of the Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Network Conference 2017! The conference took place at Opera Hotel in Riga, Latvia the 6-7th of December 2017.

The Baltic Sea Region with 80 million people in a large territory and with the Baltic Sea as a sensitive ecosystem, calls for new innovations and solutions for sustainable, multimodal and green transport corridors. There is a need to establish a system that underpins European economic progress, enhances competitiveness and offers high quality mobility services while using resources more efficiently. In practice, transport has to use less and cleaner energy, better exploit a modern infrastructure and reduce its negative impact on the environment and key natural assets like water, land and ecosystems.


The Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Network Conference provides an arena for national stakeholders to meet and learn from each other in order to be able to develop and promote transnational solutions for these challenges.

The project Baltic Sea Hydrogen Network is financed by the Swedish Institute and the project aims at building an extensive, multinational, multilevel and cross sectoral network/partnership regarding Hydrogen around the Baltic Sea, which subsequently will mobilize early users and increase awareness of Hydrogen as an energy carrier in the Baltic Sea Region.

Baltic Sea Hydrogen Network will participate in gathering BSR regions that are early adopters of emission-free vehicles and promote the use of Hydrogen from renewable energy by developing and increasing knowledge about business models for the production, distribution, infrastructure and the use of Hydrogen vehicles.

Riga, 6-7 december 2017


For more information about The Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Network, please contact Project Manager
Louise Weinreder, Hydrogen Sweden, or +46 (0) 731-48 84 44. Registration will be opened shortly.