Getting here

The conference will be held at Opera Hotel in Riga.

Find your way to BSR Hydrogen Network Conference, Riga.
Address: Opera Hotel, Raiņa Boulevard 33, Riga.


image001For taxi service from airport, we recommend that you travel with BalticTaxi.
The charge for a trip from the airport to Riga is approx. 12-15€.

Suggested flights:

Please observe all visitors are required to arrange and book their own flight.  

By flight from Poznań/Warsaw, Poland:

Flight from Poznań (POZ) to Warsaw Airport (WAW), 08:55 – 09:50.
Flight from Warsaw (WAW) to Riga Airport (RIX), 10:35 – 13:25.
From Riga Airport, travel by taxi to hotel.

By flight from Oslo, Norway:

6 december Norwegian DY1072 from Oslo (OLS) to Riga Airport (RIX), 11:20 – 13:50.
From Riga Airport, travel by taxi to hotel.


7 december Air Baltic BT153 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Oslo (OLS), 18:10-19:05
8 december Air Baltic BT151 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Oslo (OLS), 07:40-08:35

By flight from Gothenburg, Sweden:

6 december Air Baltic BT122 from Gothenburg (GOT) to Riga Airport (RIX), 14:45 – 17:20.
From Riga Airport, travel by taxi to hotel.


7 december SAS SK1765 + SK171 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Gothenburg (GOT), 18:40-21:30
8 december Air Baltic BT121 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Gothenburg (GOT), 12:35-13:15

By flight from Stockholm, Sweden:

6 december Air Baltic BT106 from Stockholm (ARN) to Riga Airport (RIX), 12:50 – 15:00.
From Riga Airport, travel by taxi to hotel.


7 december SAS SK1765 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Stockholm (ARN), 18:40-19:10
8 december SAS SK1747 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Stockholm (ARN), 07:00-07:30

By flight from Tallinn, Estonia:

6 december Air Baltic BT314 from Tallinn (TLL) to Riga Airport (RIX), 13:30 – 14:20.
From Riga Airport, travel by taxi to hotel.


7 december Air Baltic BT317 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Tallinn (TLL), 18:20-19:10
8 december Air Baltic BT311 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Tallinn (TLL), 07:20-08:10

By flight from Copenhagen, Denmark:

6 december SAS SK1642 Copenhagen (CPH) to Riga Airport (RIX), 12:40 – 15:05.
From Riga Airport, travel by taxi to hotel.


7 december Air Baltic BT139 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Copenhagen (CPH), 18:25-19:05
8 december SAS SK1645 from Riga Airport (RIX) to Copenhagen (CPH), 06:40-07:05