Final project report from H2moves Scandinavia

The H2moves Scandinavia project ended 31 December 2012. You can download the final report as a pdf here. The H2moves Scandinavia project has been a unique opportunity to showcase the reliability and hence marked preparedness of hydrogen operated fuel cell cars under daily driving conditions, even in harsher climate conditions pertinent to Oslo and Copenhagen. [...]

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European Hydrogen Road Tour Report

The European Hydrogen Road Tour was carried out in September - October 2012 as a part of the H2moves Scandianvia project, funded by European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking programme, launched by the European Commission and European industry. Nine European cities were visited and at each place there were different kind of events i.e. VIP [...]

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High political engagement in hydrogen event at Paris Motor Show

The European Hydrogen Road Tour made a three day stop at Paris Motor Show 27 – 29 of September. As local event host, Air Liquide had provided the stand, a slot for four H2mS fuel cell vehicles at the electric vehicle test drive facilities, a VIP event with panel discussion and a mobile refuelling facility [...]

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H2moves Scandinavia Final Conference

Welcome to the Final Conference of H2moves Scandinavia! H2moves Scandinavia is a Joint Technology Initiative (FCH JU) on Hydrogen & Fuel Cells which is funded by the European Commission and the European Industry. The project objective is to gain customer acceptance for the FCEV and hydrogen infrastructure and prepare for the mass market roll-out initiating [...]

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Copenhagen – final stop on the European Hydrogen Road Tour

Copenhagen: Green city with high ambitions to become emission free until 2025 with major efforts on their way The special highlight of the Copenhagen event was that on 9th October representatives from politics (Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and automobile industry (Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota) had jointly signed a memorandum of understanding(read press release [...]

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