Sweden’s first hydrogen refilling station with 700 bar pressure inaugurated

Hydrogen is now available for FCEVs in Sweden. On the 9:th of June Next Move delivered an important milestone when the Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Malmö was inaugurated. The ribbon cutting was done by Pontus Lindberg (Conservative) and Monika Ekström (Green), Members of the Regional Executive Board in Skåne, together with Lari Pitkä-Kangas (Green), Deputy [...]

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Hyundai delivers the first FCEVs to Sweden

Hyundai's managing director Thomas Holm hands over the keys to Monika Ekström and Pontus Lindberg, Region Skåne. The Region Skåne has now received its two ix35 FCEV from Hyundai. The cars are among the first from the assembly line produced fuel cell vehicles from the Korean automaker. The purchase is the result of the Region [...]

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H2 Logic builds hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours

H2 Logic HRS Copenhagen Today a new Hydrogen Refueling Station from H2 Logic was opened in Copenhagen together with the handover of 15 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles from Hyundai to the City of Copenhagen. The refueling station is based on the H2Station® CAR-100 product and was installed in only 48 hours before conducting of the [...]

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Skedsmo municipality procures a fuel cell car

Skedsmo leads the way and is among the first in Norway to procure a hydrogen vehicle! The municipality has ordered a Hyundai ix35 for delivery by 1 June. Skedsmo participates in Next Move, with the aim to contribute to the Scandinavia region being an early adopter of fuel cell vehicles. The cars are currently expensive, [...]

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Malmö and Skåne procures a hydrogen refuelling station

The City of Malmö and Region Skåne have for several years worked strategically to convert to a fossil free transport. Hydrogen has been included as a part of the solution and both the city and the region have collaborated with Hydrogen Sweden and other actors in various projects, including the Next Move, for a long [...]

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