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Program may be subject to change.


12:00 – 12:20 Information on EU network financing opportunities

Pre-meeting with information on EU network for financing opportunities in FCH JU, Clean Transport Facilities and Interreg programmes.
The meeting is hosted by Norwegian Hydrogen Forum, SINTEF and Sweco.

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Plenary session: Conference opening

Welcome to HFC Nordic
Petra Einarsson, President, Sandvik Materials Technology
Björn Aronsson, Managing Director, Hydrogen Sweden

Manfred Waidhas, Head of Technology & Innovation, Siemens Hydrogen Solutions
Electrolyzer technology – the Siemens view

Andreas Bodén, Director Sales & Aftermarket, PowerCell Sweden
PowerCell Fuel Cell Stacks and Systems

Bjørn Simonsen, Vice President Market Development & Public Relations, Nel Hydrogen
Scaling up for Massive Scale Roll-Out of Hydrogen Infrastructure

Pierre Dodu, Sales Director Northern Europe, Symbio FCell
An existing clean mobility solution that is already deployed

Cecilia Wallmark, Section Manager Sweco Energy Strategies, Sweco
The Swedish Hydrogen Reports

14:50 Break

15:10 Parallell Sessions:

A1 Business Session:
Countries Strategies and Research

Magnus Skinlo Thomassen, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
The potential for hydrogen as a transportation fuel in Norway towards 2030.

Jari Ihonen, Principal Scientist, VTT
National Overview Finland

Aivars StarikovsMember of the BoardLatvian Hydrogen Association
National Overview Latvia

Tejs L Jensen, CEO, Partnerskabet for brint og brændselsceller
Denmark – a leading nation on hydrogen technologies

Jón Björn Skulason, General Manager, Icelandic New Energy
National Overview Iceland

16:25 16:45 Coffee

A2 Business Session:
Countries Strategies and Research (cont.)

Kristoffer OlsenBusiness Development Manager – Nordics & Investor RelationsITM Power Pic
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Activities in Scotland and the Orkney Islands Highlights and Next Steps

Josefine Jørgensen, Advisory Officer, Partnerskabet for brint og brændselsceller
Hydrogen For Innovative VEhicles – the roll-out of hydrogen refueling stations and fuel cell vehicles

John Newton, Managing Director, ITM Motive, ITM Power Pic
Playing a Part in the Roll Out of Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure in the UK

Titichai Navessin, Managing DirectorNSERC/APC
Catalysis Research  for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (CaRPE-FC): A perspective  of  path  to marketplace

Robin Aldenholt, Master Thesis Student, Sandvik/KTH
Pedagogic tools – FCEV to the public

B1 Technical Session:
Fuel Cells Systems and Electrolysis

Per Ekdunge, Vice President and CTO, Powercell Sweden
Fuel Cells Stack Development

Kaj Nikiforow, Researcher, VTT
Development of Reformed Ethanol Fuel Cell System for Backup and Off-Grid Applications – Anode gas recirculation with an ejector

Sigrid Lædre, Research Scientist, SINTEF
Bipolar Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyzers

Olivier Thomann, Research Scientist, VTT
Hydrogen production by high temperature electrolysis

Alejandro Oyarce Barnett, Research Scientist, SINTEF
Modelling of megawatt scalePEM electrolysers –a summary of the MEGASTACK project

16:25 16:45 Coffee

B2 Technical Session:
Hydrogen Technologies

Jaana ViitakangasResearch Scientist, VTT
Development of measurement methodology at single cell and stack level for unstable hydrogen fuel impurity studies

Thor Anders Aarhaug, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
Hydrogen Fuel Quality Control: high-pressure sampling and analysis

Truls Norby, Professor, Solid state electrochemistry, University of Oslo
Proton ceramics for hydrogen technologies

Jon Eriksen, President, Hystorsys
Thermal Hydrogen Compressor (HYMEHC)

18:00 End of conference day 1

20:00 Dinner at Högbo Brukshotell



09:00 Plenary session: Transboundary Partnerships

Conference opening day two
Anders LundellEU strategist/business developerSandvikens kommun
Björn Aronsson, Managing Director, Hydrogen Sweden

Jan MalmProject manager at Ekocenter, Region Gävleborg
Green Drive Region – Why we do it!

Björn Aronsson, Managing Director, Hydrogen Sweden
Kristian E. VikSecretary General, Norwegian Hydrogen Forum
The Blue Move Project for a Green Economy

Jón Björn Skulasson, General Manager, Icelandic New Energy
Hydrogen Mobility Europé

10:10 Coffee/Poster session

10:30 Parallell Sessions:

A3 Business Session:
Vehicles and Regional Cases

Yane Laperche-Riteau, Business Development Director, Ballard
Fuel cell buses; a solution to meet zero emission regulations for transit agencies

Steffen Møller-Holst, Vice President, SINTEF
Hydrogen and batteries for propulsion of freight trains in Norway

Magnus Skinlo Thomassen, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
Norwegian national research centre and infrastructure on hydrogen and fuel cells.


A4 Business Session:
Vehicles and Regional Cases (cont.)

Steffen Møller-Holst, Vice President, SINTEF
Hydrogen production from Norway’s vast, unexploited renewable energy sources-prospects for large scale hydrogen export

Anders Ødegård, Senior Project Manager, SINTEF
Renewable Energy and the Role of Hydrogen – case H2 – Svalbard

Adil Rashid, Junior Consulting, NTNU
Investment in flexible hydrogen production from local wind power: Optimizing timing, capacity and plant operations of an investment under uncertainty

B3 Technical Session:
Membranes and Electrodes

Steven Holdcroft, Professor and Chair,  Joint Affiliation with the NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, Simon Fraser University,
Polyaromatic Ionomers and Membranes for Electrochemical Devices

Annika Carlson, Ph. D. student, KTH
The importance of reaction kinetics in anion-exchange membrane fuel cells

Björn Eriksson,Ph. D. student, KTH
Electrochemical performance of thin-film Pt3Y electrodes in PEMFC


B4 Technical Session:
Bipolar Plates and Heat Management

Anna Jansson, Senior Research engineer, Sandvik Materials Technology
Sandvik pre-coated steel strip for metallic bipolar plates in PEMFC applications

Robert Berger, Sandvik Materials Technology
Oxide scale evolution on pre-coated steel strip for SOFC interconnects

Odne Stokke Burheim, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy, NTNU
Heat and work from fuel cells; Research and engineering activities at NTNU

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

Plenary session: Fossil-free technology for Heavy and Light Transportation

Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt,Chief Engineer Electromobility, Powertrain Development, Scania Group
Fuel Cell Distribution Trucks

Bengt Dalström, General Manager External Affairs/PR, Toyota Sweden
What about the cars?

Kajsa Ryttberg WallgrenBusiness Unit Manager, Sandvik Materials Technology
How Sandvik makes a difference within fossil-free technology

14:30 Panel and Conference Summary

15:00 End of HFC Nordic 2016


For participant of the Site Visit Electric Highway October 27th, the bus will depart at 15:15 from Högbo Brukshotell and return at 17:15. (Please register here for your ticket.)